FAQ’s for the Covid – 19 vaccination program

  • I am a healthcare or social care worker how do I get my vaccination?
    Answer – if you would like your profession recorded on your records please inform us of your job role and who you work for via your work email address. If you wish to apply for the covid-19 vaccination please use the link provided https://apps.wsh.nhs.uk/covidvaccinationrequest#!/Introduction
  • Someone I know has been offered a vaccination and I am in the same priority group – why haven’t I been contacted?
    Answer – We are inviting patients from the same the priority group by random selection. Don’t worry everyone will be invited for the Covid-19 vaccination.
  • When I receive my second vaccination?
    Answer – You will receive your second vaccination 3-12 weeks after you received your first one.
  • When will the Astra Zeneca vaccinations be available?
    Answer – We are hoping to receive our supply within 2 weeks, we will be in contact with priority groups once they arrive.
  • I’m housebound. When and how will I receive my vaccination?
    Answer –Housebound patients will receive the Astra Zeneca vaccination. We will be contacting you when we have received our supply.
  • My Spouse is more vulnerable or older than me, can they have my vaccination instead?
    Answer – Unfortunately this is not an option, however anyone will who is eligible will receive this in time.
  • I need transport to get to my vaccination appointment.
    Answer – The Voluntary Network (thevoluntarynetwork.org) will be running transport to vaccination centres, they will charge their usual fare and they can be contacted on 01638 664304.
  • I have received a text informing me I am eligible to apply for the Covid-19 vaccine.
    Answer – If you receive a text message which does not come directly from us, or you are at all unsure of the source of an invitation, please contact our reception team.