Diabetes Clinic

If a diagnosis of Diabetes has been made, you will be invited for an extended New Diagnosis appointment so that you can be given all the information you will need to learn to control this long-term condition.

It is your opportunity to ask any questions that you might have, and to set in place the vital lifestyle plan, such as diet and exercise, that will ensure that your long-term health is maintained. The nurses will also offer to refer you for a course at the West Suffolk Hospital called DESMOND, which has been proven to help those with newly-diagnosed Diabetes reduce their rates of Diabetes-related complications over the long term. Many of our patients have really enjoyed and benefited from this. We highly recommend you go.

You will then be offered a six or twelve monthly appointment, depending on your circumstances, to check your bloods, blood pressure, weight and feet along with checking your lifestyle measures are still in place.

Two weeks after this appointment you will need to see your GP to ensure that any medication that you are on is suitable and that your diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol are properly controlled.